Guy Files: The Men's Haircut Of The Moment Might Be Here To Stay

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David Beckham sports the Dapper cut. Photo courtesy of Getty images.

Our favorite haircut of the moment is one that has taken a man’s experience in the salon to the next level. Highly fashionable and flattering on almost every guy, the “Dapper” cut has dominated the hair industry, and has been spotted on a hot list of celebrities including Ryan Gosling, Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Timberlake (who rocked this crop as if they invented it).

It is rare to find a style so widely embraced by the men who grace salon and barber shop chairs, but that is exactly what we saw in 2014. The Dapper cut is a rerun of a classic men’s hairstyle that has stood the test of time. Thanks to a world-famous barbershop in the Netherlands, (known as Shorem) which is credited for the cut’s most recent rebranding (the shop referred to the cut as the “Scumbag Boogie”), men all over the country have taken their grooming more seriously. We are seeing style-savvy guys around the globe actually pull out a comb to keep every strand in place, while booking haircuts two weeks apart to maintain the Dapper cut’s freshness.

As the haircut evolves, men are asking to keep their sides short, or “high and tight,” while they grow the top longer, transforming the Dapper cut into something new and versatile (easily prepping you for 2015’s hottest men’s hair trend: the man bun). Here are four ways this iconic haircut can transform to suit every man’s personal style:


The Classic DapperThe Classic Dapper

This is the version we most commonly see, and it can be styled on wet or dry hair. All you need is a classic pomade and a comb. We used Deluxe Pomade by Uppercut, but any classic wet-look pomade with hold can do the trick.








The Modern PompadourThe Modern Pompadour

This version of the cut is blow-dried using a small round brush, or “quiff roller” and can be done with or without product in the hair. It’s finished with a pomade or hairspray. We used Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry and a Uppercut Quiff Roller brush for our style, and finished with Super.Goo by Kevin Murphy.







The Big BangThe Big Bang

This is how the cut can look on naturally straight hair. We blow-dried our model with Smooth.Again by Kevin Murphy, and used a flat iron to get it bone-straight. Then, we finished using a little Texture.Master by Kevin Murphy.







The Controlled CurlThe Controlled Curl

This version of the style works best on naturally curly hair. We used the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious line, and finished with Baxter of California’s Soft Water pomade.







Photos courtesy of Sandy Gutierrez Photography; model, Anthony Lietz.

Josh Nichols is a 14-year industry veteran who is a nationally recognized expert in hair styling. A St. Louis native, Josh attended Current Trends Academy and went on to become a top revenue stylist at the award-winning American Image Salon in Chesterfield. Josh opened his first salon—Josh Nichols Studio—in 2010. He has since expanded his services, added employees and relocated to Clayton, renaming his salon KINK Salon in 2012. His latest project, Notch, a men’s barbershop concept, opened August of 2014 in The Grove. 

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