9 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Venue

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The whole process of planning a wedding can be hard and picking the venue is no exception. This task is at the top of the to-do list and in order to make sure you pick the best place to celebrate your “I do,” consider these nine tips.


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1/ Establish a Price Point
Make sure you and your spouse have sat down and talked numbers before you go venue shopping. The worst thing you can do is fall in love with a place that’s way out of your price range. Keep in mind that a lot of inexpensive venues are a DIY-lovers paradise and you could really add your unique flare without breaking the bank.

2/ Get a Head Count
You’re going to want to know how many people the venue will have to hold before putting down a deposit. While you or your significant other may want a small intimate space, the number of RSVPs may say otherwise.

3/ Have the Date Set
Knowing the date is crucial when shopping for a venue. Help determine your options by asking if they have any prior reservations on your desired day/weekend before you take the tour. You don’t want to get your heart set on somewhere only to find out it’s completely booked on the day you decide on.

4/ Consider Your Pictures
The atmosphere of the venue will help tell the story of your big day. So, if you and your spouse decide you want a more rustic feel, then a modern venue may not portray the wedding you’re envisioning. The venue should reflect the theme you’re going for so that you and your lover can have the “picture perfect” moments you’ve been dreaming of with gorgeous backdrops.

5/ Weigh Your Options
Don’t pick the first place you see. Just as you shop around for your perfect dress, you should do the same for the venue.

6/ Lighting is Key
Nothing ruins a picture-perfect moment more than an unflattering glare or dark shadow. Bring your photographer with you to check out the venue and take some practice shots. This will allow you to determine whether or not you need to add additional lighting yourself or settle on a different location.

7/ Know the Distance
If the location of the wedding is far away from the reception venue, it’ll be important to factor in transportation for your guests. And while a barn reception may sound enchanting, if your guests are staying in hotels 45 minutes away in the city, you may have to do way more to make it work out logistically. Try looking for venues in close proximity to your other wedding activities to save you and your guests time and gas money.

8/ Discuss the Food
Food is important. Ask potential venues if they provide catering or if you’ll have to find your own. Will they have on-site staff helping throughout the night? Or will you have to hire someone outside of the venue?

9/ Understand the Contract
Make sure you understand the back-out policy that the venue holds, as well as the payment plan and deposit information.

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