8 TV Shows To Binge Watch This Holiday

By Mackenzie Taylor
In Culture

The time of year where you spend a lot of time–some might say a little too much time–with family is upon us. To help you get through the holiday season, here are eight TV shows you can binge-watch on Netflix in your childhood bedroom. Because even though you love your family, how is it always possible to feel like you’re 12 whenever you’re back home? “Leave me alone, mom! I’m going to my room to watch TV!”


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“Black Mirror”
Think “The Twilight Zone” but very British and even more strange–if that’s possible. I can’t stop talking about this show and I’m pretty sure everyone is tired of me going on about it. But, hey, you should watch it.

Classic stories of “The Adventures of Sherlock Homes” told in the 21st century with Benedict Cumberbatch (and his fantastic coat) and Martin Freeman (without a fantastic coat, but great one liners!).

“Jessica Jones”
Oh, Jessica Jones. She has a psycho coming after her all while trying to make a living as a P.I. in the city. Oh yeah, did I mention that this man controls people with his mind and she has super strength? Yeah, it’s pretty great.

“Gilmore Girls”
If you haven’t watched “Gilmore Girls,” what did you do in the early 2000s? The best mother/daughter relationship portrayed on television. Ever.

“Master of None”
Aziz Ansari’s real life turned into a fictional TV show. It’s funny. It’s heartwarming in places. And it will really make you want to go to Nashville for a weekend with someone you don’t know very well.

“The Great British Bake Off”
Cakes! Tears! Meltdowns! It’s everything you could ever want in a reality TV show and for some reason, you’ll get really invested in the cake.

“An Idiot Abroad”
Karl Pilkington is the epitome of a close-minded individual who doesn’t like going outside of his comfort zone. Too bad for him, he’s friends with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who push Pilkington to his limits. And it’s hilarious.

“House Hunters International”
This place is way over budget but with a gorgeous view. This place is under budget but that carpeting is horrendous! Which house are these globe-trottin’ individuals going to choose?

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