8 Questions With Music Producer Astronautica, Set To Perform At Blank Space On Friday, Sept. 12

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Twenty-two-year-old music producer Edrina Martinez, a.k.a. Astronautica, is one to watch in the forever growing electronic music scene. The young musician has been featured in a variety of publications including the Los Angeles Times, SPIN Magazine and Fader, where her unique vibe and fashion-forward style first caught our eye. In preparation for her show at Blank Space for the LIFTED series on Sept. 12, we just had to ask her a few questions.

Astronautica spoke will ALIVE mag ahead of the music producer's show at Blank Space on Friday, September 5

Photo courtesy of Astronautica on Facebook.

ALIVE: Describe your style of electronic music for our readers.
Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”

ALIVE: Have any other art forms been an influence on your musical style? Astronautica: Painting definitely has; I’m a fan of abstract art and I think you can get a sense of that same thing when you listen to my music. I also think fashion photography can be really cool, edgy, and unique which is something I incorporate when working on a song. I have a lot of friends who do their own forms of art: event design, fashion, photography, architecture, cinematography, and they’re all killing it right now. Seeing them succeed doing something they love has definitely influenced me to do the same.

ALIVE: Is anyone else in your family a musician? What do they think of your music and career?
My grandma plays the piano; other than that, no one really is a musician. My grandma and the rest of my family couldn’t be better supporters; they are all excited that I’ve chosen to pursue music.

ALIVE: What’s the best thing about traveling around the country and performing?
I think it’s just cool that music brings people with similar preferences and tastes together no matter where they’re located. Traveling really puts that in perspective.

ALIVE: How can you tell when an audience is connecting with your music?
When I play a dance song and people dance, a chill song and people vibe out, or any other type of song that they respond accordingly to, I can tell that they are reciprocating the energy I’m putting in the air.

ALIVE: How would you describe your style?
Astronautica: Lately I’ve been really feeling whites with a relaxed feel to it. Lots of jeans with sandals paired with white tees or tops.

ALIVE: What do you like to wear when you perform? Why?
Astronautica: I love being comfortable. I may come to the club in heels but I’m definitely wearing sandals or sneakers on stage.

ALIVE: What are your favorite places to shop?
There’s this vintage store down the street from my place called The Grove where I love going to find pieces that are unique and fit my style.

Astronautica performs with Hubbble and Radames at Blank Space for LIFTED on Sept. 12, 9pm.

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