9 Kansas City Creatives You Should Know

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Kansas Citians have a special fire for creativity and artists. Over the last year we spoke with many of them: musicians, designers, DJ’s, filmmakers, gallerists, artists and more.

Keep reading for stories of inspiring Kansas City dwellers, who we wrote about in 2017.

creative designer artist dj music kansas city jon marzette alive magazine st louis

Jon Marzette

The story of an emerging DJ, artist and designer in Kansas City.

kansas city designer artist barton perreira sunglasses alive magazine

Barton Perreira

Designer Bill Barton was restless and in need of a passion project. This time, he wanted to accomplish something he never could while working for someone else: craft the best eyewear in the world. But first, he had to make a phone call.

kansas city ceramicist artist the object enthusiast emily reinhardt alive magazine st louis

Emily Reinhardt

The roundabout journey of ceramicist Emily Reinhardt, her indispensable mentor and online store, The Object Enthusiast.

kansas city videographer artist morgan cooper alive magazine st louis

Morgan Cooper

A Kansas City filmmaker and videographer shares his experience. “I want to be known as someone who takes risks. I like to shoot from the heart.”

kansas city entrepreneur designer business owner tyler kingston home decor alive magazine st louis

Jessica and Ryan Mead

The husband-wife team discuss their home-decor and lifestyle brand in the heart of Kansas City, Tyler Kingston.

kansas city artist peregrine honig the whitney museum new york city alive magazine st louis

Peregrine Honig

Multidisciplinary artist Peregrine Honig the old Greenwood Baptist Church in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood.

best kansas city restaurants port fonda restaurant patrick ryan restaurateur chef alive magazine st louis

Patrick Ryan, Port Fonda Restaurant

A James Beard-nominated chef with decades of experience, Patrick Ryan earned his chops in Portland and then Chicago before returning to his Kansas City stomping grounds.

kansas city artists art galleries fifty fifty collective alive magazine st louis

50/50 Collective

Hannah Lodwick and Cambria Potter of Fifty Fifty in Kansas City, an artists platform and art gallery.

kansas city musician jazz trumpet hermon mehari alive magazine st louis

Hermon Mehari

A conversation with Kansas City’s acclaimed musician Hermon Mehari, whose latest album, “Bleu,” is a love letter to the city.


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