8 Inspiring Quotes From Artists In The Middle Of America

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Trying to figure out how to make it as any type of creative comes with layers of challenges; but luckily, some of them can be sloughed off with a dose of creative inspiration to keep you going. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite quotes from established and burgeoning creatives working in Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis and Nashville that’ll help you make it through any roadblock.

Photo courtesy of Fab Lentz.

“There is a broader life that we have besides the weaknesses that we see in each other.”

– Jose Faust, Kansas City, thepitch.com

“It was hard to go from being able to make work everyday, while people said it was important, to figuring out how to survive in a world where the importance of art is not a given or a part of everyday life. It has been interesting to figure out that context emotionally and why it’s important that we do what we do.”

– Annie Woodfill, Kansas City, KCAI Painting

“I’m not a preacher, but I preach. I’m not a Buddhist, but I chant. I’m not race theorist, but I have questions and ponderances around the complexities of race and class and culture wherever I am.”

– Theaster Gates, Chicago, Interview Magazine

“As an artist, it is my job to find the ways to look for beauty. I find the people—ordinary people, beautiful. And in a country where white supremacy is woven into its fabric and in which Black people are demonized, it is important to show Black people as beautiful and as agents of fundamental change.”

– Dread Scott, Chicago, inliquid.org

“Claiming storytelling as one of my tools lends me the use of paths, parody, dark humor, desire.”

– Heather Bennett, St. Louis, St. Louis Magazine

“I am always the husband, the father, the son, the painter, teacher, the student, sometimes the preacher, penitent though, a performer at heart, a painter, openly questioning, prodding, poking, some tell me the prankster, playing the trickster, pretender, the clown?”

– Jamie Adams, St. Louis, WOW x WOW

“I tell my students all the time: whenever you have a great idea, what you then have to contend with is why is that a painting? What are the qualities intrinsic in painting that can enhance that content? There are so many things that paint can do.”

– Karen Seapker, Nashville, BURNAWAY

“… Have you ever seen your father’s smile
on a stranger?
Or heard your sister’s laugh come out of
someone else’s mouth? …”

– Ashley Mintz, Nashville, “Reminders

Photo courtesy of Cherry Laithang.

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