7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary—a place you go to rest, recharge and relax after the stressful and not-so-stressful days. If you haven’t given yours an update in a bit, or aren’t sleeping as well as you should, try these tips to give your bedroom an injection of zen.

Photo by Clayton Hauck.

Photo by Clayton Hauck.

1/ Up your thread count. Stiff sheets are no way to sleep. Trade your old sheets and invest in a set in a cool, relaxing color that has a thread count of 300-plus. Your body will thank you.

2/ Add mood lighting. Harsh overhead lighting is not only unflattering, but is also very distracting. Add string lights, lamps and other cool lighting options that are less harsh on your eyes.

3/ Declutter. Clutter is as stressful as it gets, and nowhere is it more annoying than in your bedroom. Get a hamper—one you actually like—and remove all decor that you don’t love and/or use daily.

3/ Light candles. We all know someone (Mom, I’m looking you) who has candles but never lights them. Light the candles. Light all the candles.

4/ Turn off the TV—better yet, remove the TV from your bedroom. Although your TV may not be something you can part with if you have a significant other who likes to lounge in bed and Netflix, agreeing on a no-TV-hour before you plan on snoozing is a great way to ease your body into the stages of relaxation. Removing electronics altogether is even better.

5/ Create an alter. A space where you can keep the things you love and make you happy is a great way to keep all of your small decor in one place. Whether it’s family photos, your crystal collection, candles, religious paraphernalia or the like, create an area that is an ode to your personal happiness.

6/ Add a plush rug. Stepping off into a cloud makes it so much easier to wake up in the mornings.

7/ Buy new pillows. One of the things that is the most important to our sleep is the actual bedding that we lay on. Even if you can’t afford a new mattress, replacing your pillows every few months is a great way to upgrade your bed.

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