7 Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

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Having a destination wedding can be fun and exciting for all people involved, but it requires special consideration and planning to make it a success. When planning yours, consider these seven tips to ensure smooth sailing into your big day—and after.


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1/ Limited Guest List
When planning a destination wedding, try to keep your guest list as small as possible. This will make the entire celebration cheaper for you and enable you to enjoy it with your closest friends and family in a beautiful place.

2/ Secure Group Deals
Use your wedding crew to your advantage and see if the resort you’re staying at offers group rates and benefits. This will help cut costs and will help ensure your own section of hotel rooms for you and your party.

3/ Combine It With Your Honeymoon
Kill two birds with one stone and have your honeymoon at the same place as your wedding. This will reduce the cost of travel and gives you more days in paradise.

4/ Simple Decor
Use the money you would’ve used on decorations toward the expenses of the trip and keep the decor simple. Typically, if you’re in a tropical or breathtaking destination, nature will do its job and decorate the wedding for you.

5/ Location
Some wedding locations are cheaper than others and offer better all-inclusive resort deals, cheaper venues and have cheaper air fares. Typically, it’s cheaper to travel to tropical destinations in the “off” months, which could be the perfect time to plan your wedding at a great price.

6/ Consider The Currency Rates
Depending on where you go, the currency rates could vary. Make sure you check how the costs translate beforehand.

7/ Have A Plan B
Especially in tropical locations, the weather can tend to be unpredictable. Have an indoor venue picked out just in case mother nature has other plans for your beach wedding.

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