7 Questions With Katy Perry's Newest Signed Artist, Ferras

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Katy Perry hits the Scottrade Center on Sunday with her 46-city “Prismatic” World Tour that has been roaring across the nation since June. Although concertgoers are preparing to rock out to some of the pop star’s chart-topping tunes, they are in for another musical treat courtesy of Ferras. He is the first signed artist to Perry’s record label, Metamorphosis Music and is opening for Perry on tour. Despite the many cities that he and Perry have hit this summer, Ferras’ time in St. Louis will be more than just another night wowing fans. Instead, the singer-songwriter, who is a native to Gillespie, Ill. considers this his homecoming tour and is excited to be returning alongside his good friend Katy Perry.  Read on to find out more about the fearless, pompadour-taunting artist.

Courtesy of Capitol Records

Courtesy of Capitol Records

ALIVE: You released your new single “Legends Never Die” recently which is all over the internet, can you tell me the story behind the song and what inspired you to write it?

Ferras: It was inspired by the idea of being with somebody and wanting to get in the car, drive away and never look back; just kind of being in the moment. I’ve always been kind of obsessed with the idea of immortality and being invincible and leaving your mark in someway.

ALIVE: You and Katy Perry have been friends for some time now. What has it been like having her as one of your biggest supporters as you journey through this industry?

Ferras: It’s been a blessing. There’s no better person to help me along the way than someone who has accomplished so much. I have watched her through her journey. Being around her, you get a lot of knowledge.

ALIVE: Before signing on with Katy Perry, what was your career like? 

Ferras: I had originally signed to Capitol Records in 2008 but got released from my contract when new management took over. At that point I thought, “What am I going to do with my life?” I ended up being a songwriter and a producer. For me, though, I am really an artist at heart. [As a songwriter], you don’t get that interaction with people and with an audience. I am really happy and blessed I’ve gotten the opportunity to get my music out there.

ALIVE: When you were young, you called N’SYNC and said you were a singer. Can you tell me that story?

Ferras: Well, I didn’t call N’SYNC but I called the Backstreet Boys’ manager. I called 411, got that information, and I literally called every day begging them to listen to my demo. I was actually in Orlando during that time. I saw Kevin from the Backstreet Boys in one of the airport bookstores and I had a copy of my demo in my bag. I went up to him and said, “Look, I know who you are. I’m not going to tell anyone. Can you just listen to this?”

ALIVE: Who are your inspirations?

Ferras: I love Elton John, Bowie, Prince, Freddy Mercury, Madonna, Joni Mitchell. Those are some of the older people. Recently, Lana Del Ray and Pink.

ALIVE: And Katy Perry, right?

Ferras: And Katy Perry, of course.

ALIVE: What can our readers expect to see and hear on the tour?

Ferras: Well, I always tell people don’t expect anything. If you expect something, you have room to be disappointed. I will be stepping away from the piano and doing something a little different. [I’ll be] jumping around the stage and having fun. Come on down and have a good time!

 Ferras will be performing with Katy Perry in St. Louis on Sunday, August 17 at 7pm. 


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