7 Creative Midwest Instagram Accounts We Love to Follow

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Instagram is more than just posting photos; it’s sharing experiences and content that inspires. But, you don’t have to run off to California or NYC to capture the perfect ‘gram—the Midwest has everything you need. To prove it to you, here are some of our favorite creative Instagrams full of Midwestern pride.

Instagram red crops

Photo courtesy of Jenn Lake

Jenn Lake is the creator of the blog Style Charade. Living in Chicago, Jenn has plenty of things to turn to for inspiration. Her feed is full of bright, bold colors and patterns as she tours the city and coordinates her outfits to the painted walls that line the streets.


Instagram red velvet cake

Photo courtesy of Molly Yeh

Molly Yeh is a city girl who moved to the border of North Dakota and Minnesota when she married a fifth-generation farmer. Her Instagram tells the story of life on the farm through her beautiful and rustic culinary creations. Molly’s photos are as artisan as the dishes themselves, looking (almost!) too pretty to eat.


Instagram This Wild Idea coonhound

Photo courtesy of Theron Humphrey

This Wild Idea, the creation of Theron Humphrey, documents his travels through pictures of his beloved dog, Maddie. Theron has trekked through all 50 states, exploring forests, lakes and rivers with Maddie faithfully by his side. Recently he has come to call Tennessee home as shown in his beautiful photos of the great outdoors.


instagram art black man

Photo courtesy of Bele Bernard

Béle Benard is a photographer taking honest photos of everyday Chicago. From the suburban streets to the city skyline, Benard captures the beauty of her city and the people who call it home.


Instagram blue dress

Photo courtesy of Kristen Jones

Kristen Jones’ feed is as sunny as her disposition as she shares snapshots of her life in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From local architecture and donut shops to fashion finds and #ootds, her posts are sure to brighten your timeline.


Instagram chocolate pretzels sprinkles

Photo courtesy of Laura Poflich

Born in Minnesota, Laura has a special place in her heart for the Midwest. Her account shares scenes of sunsets on the lake, days spent in the snow, and everything in between. Laura loves playing with color and texture in her photos, making mesmerizing designs from fruits, flowers and candies. You never know what pop of color she might share next.


Instagram dog beer

Photo courtesy of Dani Bruflodt

Dog mom and Etsy shop owner Dani Bruflodt calls Madison, Wisconsin home. Her beautiful feed is full of Midwest adventures and her photos of her latest creative endeavors. Featuring florals, cityscapes, personal style and, of course, pictures of her two adorable dogs, Thyme Is Honey captures what being a proud Midwesterner is all about.

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