6 Ways to Celebrate National Bike Month this May

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May is officially National Bike Month, and the St. Louis area is certainly celebrating. From family rides to more difficult trails, there are plenty of different ways to honor bicycling in different forms.

bike to work day 2013

Bike to Work Day 2013. Photo courtesy of Trailnet.

Bike to Work Day
May 16, Everywhere
What’s a better way to celebrate National Bike Month than to get your gear together, bring out the old two-wheeler and ride your bike to work? From those in the heart of the city to those further out in St. Louis county (and beyond), as long as you can map it, you can probably do this. Just make sure to prepare ahead of time if this is the first time you’ve commuted via bicycle. Get more info on best routes, this special bicycle day and where different refueling stations through Trailnet.

Vino Fondo Bicycle Ride
May 17, Mount Pleasant Winery
The Gran Fondo cycling tradition comes to Missouri through Augusta’s vineyards, starting at Mount Pleasant Winery. Touring through the hills and multiple vineyard areas, this ride is hosted by Big Shark Bicycle Company, Trailnet and Mount Pleasant Winery together. Info online.

Ride of Silence

Ride of Silence. Photo courtesy of the Ride of Silence.

The Ride and Walk of Silence
May 21, Missouri History Museum
This international event brings bicyclists and pedestrians of all ages and backgrounds together to remember those who have been injured or killed while on the roads. Starting at the Missouri History Museum, there is a remembrance and information session, followed by the actual 10-mile bike ride as well as a two- or three-mile walk.  Read information online.

Trailnet’s Great Pizza Bicycle Ride
May 26, Millstadt, Ill.
This fun, and delicious, bike ride tours the historic part of Millstadt, Ill. and wanders through the Mississippi Bluffs. There are four different routes, all of increasing length, including a seven-mile ride for those who only want to do a shorter ride. Afterwards, don’t forget to hang out, enjoying pizza and beer that will be for sale. Find info online through Trailnet.

Tour de Cure
May 31, Great River Road, Starts at Alton Riverfront Amphitheater
This annual event benefits the American Diabetes Association and its research. Beginning in Alton, Ill. and making its way down the Great River Road, Tour de Cure features multiple routes. These include 10-, 30-, 50- and even 100-mile routes. Info and registration online.

Tour de Museum Bicycle Tour
May 31, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
A cultural enthusiast’s dream, this free ride visits quite a few different museums around the St. Louis area, starting at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. Plan to get there early for registration, and then enjoy all of the art, history and interesting discussions that are sure to follow. Info online.

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