6 Seasonal Stouts To Drink In Detroit

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Winter calls for weekends spent in a brewery playing card games with friends—with a hefty stout in hand, no less. Feel like warming up to a few new craft brews this season? Here are six awesome seasonal stouts to savor before they’re gone in Detroit.

Atwater Brewery: Since opening its doors in 1997, Detroit’s Atwater Brewery has served the city’s Rivertown district with distinct, flavor-forward ales. If you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to indulge in a stout that packs a fruity punch, don’t miss the brewery’s Lip Lock Cherry Stout. This seasonal American-style stout (available September 2017-February 2018) embodies the tartness of Michigan cherries, blended with nutty malt for a full-bodied finish.

Detroit Beer Co.: Detroit Beer Co. is a go-to destination for craft brews in the heart of downtown Detroit, serving up fresh house brews to beer-loving patrons since 2003. Although taps rotate daily, try to catch the Steam Tunnel Stout this winter—a dry stout brewed with strong coffee and chocolate malt flavors. With a hoppy finish, this stout is a perfect seasonal alternative for die-hard IPA fans.

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Photo credit: Granite City Brewery & Food

Granite City Food & Brewery: With a handful of locations in and around the Midwest, Granite City Food & Brewery is a choice spot for imbibing, eating and socializing. This rustic American eatery brews its signature beer on-site, with several seasonal options to choose from. Don’t miss the Broad Axe Oatmeal Stout—a rich, creamy brew offering up hints of coffee and chocolate, with an approachable 5.2 percent ABV.

Batch Brewing Company: Batch Brewing Company is located in Detroit’s rustic West Side Industrial district and focuses heavily on serving up the best craft beers and scratch kitchen pub cuisine. With a beer list that runs the gamut from sours to Maibocks, Batch isn’t afraid to test the waters by keeping a broad brewing focus. Check out the Dicksmasher In The Rye stout if you dare: this high-gravity brew packs a punch at 12 percent ABV and is aged in Catcher’s Rye barrels from Two James Spirits. If you’re seeking a more traditional stout, fear not: the Black Knight Satellite is an imperial coffee stout that’s a bit more tame, at 9.3 percent ABV.

best craft beer detroit stouts Alive Magazine St. Louis

Photo credit: Jolly Pumpkin

Jolly Pumpkin: Jolly Pumpkin is committed to brewing fine artisan ales, with a focus on sour beers and inventive brews. Crafted with French and Belgian yeast, it’s safe to say that Jolly Pumpkin’s selection of beer doesn’t depend on your run-of-the-mill lager. This season, order the Madrugada Obscura—a dark sour stout that’s aged in oak barrels for four months and brewed with black malt and flavorful bitter hops.

Eastern Market Brewing Co.: Eastern Marketing Brewing Co. has built its beer culture around community, camaraderie and craft—what else do you need for a good time? Head over to this quirky East Detroit brewery to get your fill of inventive craft brews ranging from the expected Session IPA to flavor-forward Nitro Honey Ale. Looking to warm up? Order a tall glass of Eastern Market’s Coffee Stout, brewed with locally sourced coffee and a bite that’s reminiscent of cold brew—while still providing a smooth drinking experience.

Cover photo byAlice Donovan Rouse via Unsplash

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