6 Podcasts You Should Download For Inspiration

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With the dog days of summer approaching, you may find yourself in a bit of a rut. Whether you are looking to make changes, find motivation or just hear from insightful personalities, these six podcasts are sure to inspire.


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1/ The Lively Show
Jess Lively has quite the following with more than four million downloads on iTunes. Her show focuses on living with intention and taking action to create the best possible outcomes. The Lively show features strong, inspiring women in the business world as well as Jess’ own life experiences and advice on living with value-based intentions.

2/ The Daily Boost
Start your week off with a dose of positive motivation with The Daily Boost. Scott Smith has been inspiring productivity, mindfulness and stress relief every Monday since 2006. No need to pencil this podcast into your schedule—it’s only nine minutes long.

3/ Confidence on the Go
Trish Blackwell is an author, personal trainer, life coach and confidence coach. Her podcast focuses on fitness, business and personal growth by setting goals and gaining the confidence and momentum to achieve. Confidence on the Go is a candid podcast that will inspire you to live boldly.

4/ School of Greatness
This podcast takes a “how-to” approach to personal success. Host Lewis Howe shares his own experiences and expertise and is also joined by all kinds of famous success stories, from musicians to business gurus to athletes. Each guest shares their unique perspective and their own advice on greatness.

5/ Optimal Living Daily
This podcast is perfect for inspiration on the go. Host Justin Malik, with permission from authors, reads popular inspiring blog posts out loud for a daily dose of enlightenment. All of the readings are focused on the idea of personal efficiency—from life hacks to brain hacks.

6/ On Air with Ella
Ella invites listeners on her journey to learn how to live long and strong. On her podcast, Ella interviews professionals about the secret of healthy living. This show covers how to live better physically, mentally and socially.

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