5 Ways To Update Your Look For The New Year

By Sarah Stallmann
In Style

Minus all of the “new year, new you” talk, a great way to reinvigorate yourself to get back to work and stay motivated after the holidays (and throughout the winter) is to make some easy updates to your look or wardrobe. Here are five tips to get you started and keep you stylish all season long:

 Photo by Ashley Kuenstler.

Photo by Ashley Kuenstler.

1/ Take advantage of new year discounts to start a new activity or fitness class. Been wanting to try barre? Want to take a weekly yoga class to supplement your at-home routine? Now is the time to snag those new membership deals and find a fun new hobby to kick 2016 off right.

2/ Clear out your closet. If you have been putting this off, now is a really good time to make the move to clear the clutter in your wardrobe—specifically because it’s the perfect time to snag anything that is missing or needs to be replaced thanks to post-holiday sales. Here are a few tips on how to minimize after the holiday if you are looking for motivation to start. You can do it!

3/ Experiment with layering. There’s a lot of winter ahead of us and eventually, even the new clothes that we received for the holiday are bound to become bland. A great way to reinvigorate your wardrobe options is to experiment with creative layering techniques. Thin turtlenecks under button-ups, a skirt on top of a dress of a coordinating color, substituting your coat for a cape, and adding in pops of color are all great ways to switch things up during the long winter.

4/ Try a red lip. Even if you are a minimal makeup person, there’s just something about a bold red lip that creates the illusion of an instant makeover. Red packs a punch—and adds a necessary pop of color to any wardrobe palette.

5/ Focus on your skincare routine. An excellent way to drastically improve your complexion and to fight the winter blues is to take on a skincare regiment that offers results.

An easy place to start? Get back to the basics: remove your makeup before bed, wash with a mild cleanser, then apply a facial serum, eye cream, Retinol or anti-wrinkle night cream and finish off with moisturizer. To ensure rapid, visible results, do the same routine (in the same order) in the morning, substituting the night cream for a daily SPF. Your skin will thank you!

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