5 Ways Drizly’s Liquor Delivery Service Can Make Your Night

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Everyone has plenty of items on their to-do list and most of them include leaving the comfort of your home and needing a stiff drink afterward. Sit back and relax—Drizly offers the option of having those drinks delivered to the comfort of your home via their app or website.

We’ve teamed up with five local bloggers to let them provide all the excuses you need to shake it up and have Drizly deliver alcohol to you.


Photo courtesy of Creature Type.

“…the most important things in life are available for home delivery: pizza, movies, and booze.” – Creature Type



Photo courtesy of Hannah Leigh Photography.

“I volunteered as booze tribute. Turns out I drank the last bottle. Whoops.” – City in a Jar



Photo courtesy of All Things E.

“Think of all the scenarios in which you might just want a cold one but can’t (or don’t want to) run to the store.” – All Things E



Photo courtesy of Stylin’ in St. Louis.

“If you are thinking about hosting a party, or enjoying a date night in, Drizly can save you time and let you enjoy without having to worry about leaving your house.”- Stylin’ in St. Louis

Photo courtesy of Oh, Julia Ann.

Photo courtesy of Oh, Julia Ann.

“… a great weekend involves some serious relaxation … and it involves delicious cocktails. Like this one.” – Oh, Julia Ann

For more Drizly content, check out the blogs above or download the Drizly app. To try out this convenient alcohol delivery service, use the code FreeSTL at checkout for free delivery.

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