5 Tips on Bringing Good Vibes into your Home This Winter with Greenery

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As ALIVE explores the good vibes around the city in places like Skif, we’re also exploring how to evoke that positive sensation in your home. While the colors mute a bit in the winter, bringing green into your home can boost your mood and elicit those sought after feelings of warmth. Jessica Douglass, owner of Flowers and Weeds on Cherokee Street, shared a few ways to bring green (and the good vibes that accompany) into the home this winter with plants, greenery and terrariums.

Photo Courtesy of Flowers and Weeds

Photo Courtesy of Flowers and Weeds

The mini ecosystem displayed inside beautiful glass containers doubles as decorative foliage in your home. The enclosed moss, plants, rocks, and odd trinkets thrive in low light and are incredibly self-sustaining. “It’s like bringing a forest into your home during winter. There’s a whole world inside the terrarium,” notes Douglass.

House Plants
Plants that require low light are ideal for colder months, making the ZZ Plant and the Purple Heart top picks. “The Purple Heart is a really good way to add color in, and has a beautiful pink flower that pops out,“ says Douglass. For a mix of textures and color, try the Maranta – also known as the Prayer Plant for its heliotropic leaves that move with the sun. According to Douglass, “Staghorn Ferns are an interesting way to bring something weird and cool into the house.” They can be mounted on the wall as living decor. For a simple but impressive houseplant, Douglass suggests a Philodendron plant for their ease of care and variety of appearance.

Buying fresh flowers weekly can be expensive and options for local blooms are limited in winter. Forgo the bouquet for a selection of wintergreens; Juniper or pine in a vase will last longer than flowers. This super simple and very fragrant alternative will make the whole house smell lovely.

Photo Courtesy of Kinfolk

Photo Courtesy of Kinfolk

Dried Herbs
For a more subtle scent than wintergreens, Doulgass recommends a collection of dried herbs. Still fragrant, but not overpowering, bundles of dried thyme or rosemary look beautiful on display.

Though citrus plants may require a bit more attention and care, according to Douglas, “It’s a great way to get a nice scent in the house. It blooms and fruits in winter, so watching the fruit grow is fun!” You could also settle for a few kumquat branches in a vase for a pop of color.

Use a combination of greenery – living, dried, or planted – to help boost your mood at home during the winter months and add good vibes to your space. Get all the greenery you could need at Flowers and Weeds, open Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm. 3201 Cherokee Street, Cherokee, 314.578.8793. 


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