5 Tips From 5 Local Health And Fitness Bloggers

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For #31DaysOfMovement we’ve tapped a  group of local bloggers who are full of helpful health and fitness advice they’ve gleaned from their own dedicated routines. We asked them what advice they would give a newbie to the fitness scene.


Photos courtesy of McFarland, Firns and Cutright

“Set small goals as well as big ones and reward yourself when you achieve each goal. Recognize the hard work you’re doing,” advises Katie McFarland. McFarland regularly writes about being a working mother and fitness enthusiast on her blog, Mom’s Little Running Buddy.

“One tip I’d give to someone starting on their fitness journey is to find an exercise that they enjoy and incorporate that into their routine. For instance, I like to dance. So, I’ve taken Zumba classes,” advises Jill Firns, newly enthusiastic exerciser and blogger on Stilettos On Sunday Morning.

Becky Cutright, health and food blogger on The Daily Wild  encourages us to share our successes with others, “Every time someone tells me I touched them with my story it makes me feel wonderful. Some days I just want to eat cake and do all the wrong things but knowing that I’ve inspired others with my weight loss journey keeps me going.”

Photos courtesy of Mazur and Thomas

Photos courtesy of Mazur and Thomas

Ellen Mazur, fashion blogger at Everyday Fancy and Exercise Science major advises,”Start listening to your body. Many of us have been trained to eat as a response to time or emotion. With the exception of breakfast, which you should always strive to eat, start trying to eat only when you are hungry, but don’t wait until you are starving.”

Kourtney Thomas of Lagniappe Fitness writes, “Put quick fixes and instant success out of your mind. Commit to changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. Find the type of activity that you love and stick with it. That’s when the good stuff happens.” Find more tips from Thomas on her recent contribution to Be Well STL.


All photos courtesy of bloggers.

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