5 Tips For Stress Relief From People With High-Stress Jobs

By Rachel Brandt
In Culture

For this week in #31DaysOfMovement, we’ve talked a lot about wellness and achieving zen. The effects of stress on the body are widely known, but sometimes anxiety is unavoidable. We’ve tapped five St. Louisans with high-stress jobs and asked them to give us their secrets for dealing with the pressure.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

The Comforter
Marty Clarke is a Physician Assistant, a Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Director of Cancer Psychiatry at Washington University’s Siteman Cancer Center. Helping people cope with their cancer is something Clarke does daily. High stress? We think so. “I think it’s important to ask ourselves, ‘why are we here?’ When things are caddywhompus  and everything is off, it’s helpful to be reminded of what is truly important. It gets you refocused and helps you reconnect with your true values. Then you can rest assured that as long as you are doing your best and staying true to yourself, you can be happy with that.”

The Deadline Dynamo
Life as an editor at ALIVE Magazine not only requires you to create award-winning content, Executive Editor, Jennifer Dulin Wiley has to be sure that her staff meets daily deadlines as well.  When asked how she always keeps her cool, Wiley advises, “I find that the simplest things can help you de-stress on a tough day: Flipping on some music, taking a quick walk outside or simply taking some deep, cleansing breaths are typically my go-tos. Also, reminding yourself that your next big deadline or work challenge isn’t the end of the world, and somehow, some way, we all get through it. Sometimes we have to remind each other not to take ourselves too seriously.”

The Motivator
“I have regular weekly meetings with my partners to discuss and stay focused on the larger, long-term goals of the company, ” says Justin Pfaff, Partner and CFO of Anderson Building Company. Pfaff manages an entire construction company while also managing life with his newborn baby. “We utilize our excellent team and the technologies available to us, to assist in completing all the daily tasks involved in running a business and I enjoy my time away from the business with my family as much as possible. It keeps me grounded.”

The Wrangler
Debbie Brandt, middle school principal to over 900 teens says, “It’s important to allow yourself a period of time every night to unplug. Exercise, read, cook or do whatever your hobby is. Just do something that is not work-related.”

The PR Powerhouse
Lindsay Pattan, Marketing Manager and Digital Strategist at ALIVE Magazine is regularly meeting deadlines, organizing events and bringing people together. “Blissoma Holistic Skincare & Apothecary has an aromatherapy mint that I swear by. They are so calming and when I get overwhelmed, I use them religiously.”

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