5 Things You Should Know About Yigal Azrouël

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During our exclusive interview with upcoming STLFW headliner Yigal Azrouël for the September issue, we learned a few things that have set him apart from the average fashion designer.

Photo by George Pimental.

Photo by George Pimental.

1/ His taste for fashion developed organically.

The youngest of eight children, Azrouël grew up in the port city of Ashdod where he fell in love with the leisurely beach lifestyle.  After a move to the U.S., Azrouël fought through not being able to afford design school as he began his brand from the ground up. From a small studio in the Garment District, Azrouël recruited a single seamstress and created a 12-piece collection of matte jersey dresses he sold to Fred Segal.

2/ He’s committed to producing a large portion of his production in the U.S.

Over 70 percent of his collection is produced in New York’s Garment District. “It’s hugely important because we get to support local business while also allowing me to be present for all the stages of production; from the inception of the design to the finished product,” says Azrouël.

3/ His sizes are made for the average woman. 

Each piece of his collection is fit to sizes 0-12, a rarity among fellow designers of his caliber. “Women work so hard to look good, you know? So I want to work on proportion and length,” he says to W Magazine. “My vision is not about fantasy; it’s about reality. I design for women, and I have my eyes on what I want you to look like.”

4/ His basics aren’t so basic.

Azrouël’s take on a women’s everyday wardrobe has assisted in the modernization of classic fashion, bringing staple items and wardrobe necessities back into the limelight.

5/ He has a contemporary line in addition to his womenswear line.

Cut25 was launched by Azrouël in 2010 and reflects the same innovative and artisanal approach to design, but with slightly edgier, more youthful silhouettes.

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