5 Things You Didn't Know About June Cover Star Pokey LaFarge

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You may think you have our June issue cover star, Pokey LaFarge, pegged. Read on and we guarantee you’ll learn a few surprising things about our hometown roots-rock crooner.

Pokey LaFarge by Matt Pfaff for ALIVE Magazine.

Pokey LaFarge by Matt Pfaff for ALIVE Magazine.

1/ He’s a diva.
Well, just kidding. At one point during the shoot he said, “I can be a diva here and you guys get it. Diva all day!” Of course, he was joking. He’s extremely laid back and the crew joked that we wished all shoots could be as fun. But now, “Diva all day!” has become our unofficial Pokey tagline.

2/ He does a killer Chris Farley impression.
LaFarge entertained the crew inbetween shots by taking on the persona of Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker and screaming about his exploits in a van down by the river.

3/ He’s a nonsmoker.
One may think with his vintage-inspired style and hometown attitude that he might have a old-fashioned way of thinking about his health. Not so. LaFarge showed up at the shoot with a green smoothie in hand and commented on his non-smoker status in the interview.

4/ He’s a cardinals fan, AND a Cubs fan.
Like it or not, this St. Louisan is loyal to two rival families.”I’m probably one of the only people you’ll ever meet who is a Cubs and a Cardinal’s fan,” he said in our interview.

5/ He’s not a poser.
LaFarge knows his stuff. He’s often interviewed about his dedication to history and has said that if he hadn’t become a musician he may have been a writer. Though not formally educated in music, this multi-instrumentalist writes most of his own songs and contributes to other A-listers’ work like Jack White and T Bone Burnett. During our interview, we went back and forth about obscure musicians and in 2014 he was asked by the famous TED (technology, entertainment and design) conference to speak about his craft.

Learn more about our June cover star in our full interview on ALIVEMag.com here.

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