5 Takeaways from Loufest, Day Two

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Welcome to a recap of LouFest, Day 2. For LouFest Day 1, please click here.

Another fantastic day: The weather, the music, the crowds that weren’t too crowding. I met a festival journalist from KC who said that it was one of the most well-organized festivals she’s ever been to (and she’d been to a lot).

Here are a few more takeaways…


1. Billy Idol. Played RiotFest in Chicago on Saturday, killed it at Loufest on Sunday. Thank you for being you, Billy.


2. The food was still amazing. I tried a slice of Dewey’s pizza (that crust!) and a spicy meat empanada from Tango Argentina Food. Both were delicious. Next year I will budget better and eat all the things.

3. Speaking of food, The Suffers love barbecue. And as they’re from Texas, things get a little passionate when they’re speaking to a writer from Kansas City about barbecue in St. Louis. And then there’s the food trucks they dream of owning … it’s a good thing this interview (coming tomorrow) went down at a picnic table in the press area.

4. I guess the more important point is that they also played an insanely good set. I still can’t get over their gulf-coast soul (a sound that involves a little bit of everything, according to drummer Nick Zamora) that they rocked during their 2:30 set yesterday, despite an insanely busy year of touring (and a Letterman appearance). It’s big and powerful, and lead singer Kim Franklin’s beautiful voice doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the music of the other musicians on stage—it all works together wonderfully in a reflection of the band’s dynamics (Zamora and Franklin are quick to point out during our chat that in a band that big, you stay humble and collaborative).

ICYMI: Your catch-up method of choice is either YouTubed live appearances…or helping them produce their first LP. The world needs this.

5. Pokey LaFarge still reigns supreme. LouFest-goers loved their hometown hero, and how could they not? We needed a dancefloor for his set (I did see one couple breaking out the mid-century moves). Pokey’s command of the guitar (for any enthusiasts, the boyfriend would specifically like to have mentioned the “deep, rich, chiming notes of the 1950 Gibson L-7 with McCarty pickup,” so there ya go), his super-fly sense of style, his harmonica player who managed to do some incredible solos and not let his epic beard get in the way…thanks for coming home, Pokey. We love you.


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