5 Reasons We Can't Wait For The Atelier Zobel Collection

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From Thursday, Oct. 22 through Saturday, Oct. 24, Peter Schmid will be bringing his latest Atelier Zobel Jewelry Collection to Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers in St. Louis. This three-day event is a must-see show. If you need any convincing, here are our top five reasons why you should trust us, and mark your calendars for the show now.


1/ The Collection

It’s incredible. The contemporary pieces are distinctive, with avant-garde shapes, combinations of precious metals and one-of-a-kind gemstones. The German designer doesn’t play it safe with his creative and unusual creations sought by jewelry aficionados around the world. You’ve never seen anything like this collection and that alone is reason enough to attend. The other four reasons are pretty good, too.

2/ The Designer

Internationally renowned Peter Schmid brings an absolutely perfect combination of engagement, charm and bold fashion sense of his own. You will meet the man behind the stunning collection and witness his love for his work and meeting customers. Plus, Schmid has interesting methods of work that are best experienced firsthand. Head to the show to learn about his intricate processes and passion beyond the technical side of his work yourself.


3/ The Gemstones

These are the real MVPs of the collection. Schmid has found one-of-a-kind stones, featuring unique cuts not usually found in American jewelry and are not hastily used. Schmid has even admitted that, at times, he keeps the gemstones in a vault for years until he comes upon the perfect idea.

4/ The Opportunity

The three-day event will be your only opportunity to see the entire magnificent collection brought from Germany, just for this showing. Meet other people drawn to the same individualism, and who have a love for contemporary and unique beauty.


5/ The Atmosphere

As per usual, we have found an event with delicious food and drink that makes us hungry just thinking about it. Elleard Heffern is a great spot venue for the gathering, as the store specializes in high-quality and high-fashion jewelry from the world’s most distinctive designers. This event will be truly eccentric, with a casual and fun way to learn more about jewelry from the experts.

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