5 Reasons to Add Lot 49 To Your Calendar

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The Luminary’s art auction and benefit, Lot 49, is only a week away. If our interview with Co-Director and Curator James McAnally wasn’t quite enough to convince you it’s an event worth attending, we have five solid reasons to head down to Cherokee on March 11.

photo courtesy of The Luminary

photo courtesy of The Luminary

1/ Meet Local Artists

Lot 49 opens up the ideal space in which to meet some of the inspiring artists of St. Louis. You’ll be able to ask questions, gain perspective on specific pieces of artwork and get to know the creative people you’re supporting directly.

2/ Buy Local Art

With work featured by more than 40 unique artists, there will be something that speaks to everyone’s personal aesthetic. The connection between you and the piece that you keep coming back to won’t have to be broken: Make a bid for the piece and take it home. Even better, 51 percent of what you pay goes directly into the artist so they can continue creating.

The opportunity to own and live with art isn’t confined to the exhibited pieces. You’ll also be able to pick up publications from San Francisco’s Colpa Press, Brooklyn’s Tunica Studio and traveling Vice Versa Press.

3/ Support Your Local Gallery

Not only will purchasing artwork benefit the artists, but it will also benefit The Luminary. The remaining 49 percent of what you spend goes toward the gallery’s artist-focused programs including on-site residency housing for visiting artists who help expand the St. Louis art scene. With your contributions, The Luminary can strengthen the foundation they’ve laid for emerging artists.

4/ The Party

Lot 49 will feature musical and spoken-word art with Black Spade and 18andCounting spinning DJ sets throughout the night. While the auction ends at 9:30pm, the party goes until 11pm. Grab an exclusive, artist-designed cocktail and join the 400 expected guests on the dance floor.

5/ Make It Annual

The Luminary hopes to host Lot 49 annually in order to raise funds and bring art to the public. Without you, the event can’t exist. We want to enjoy everything on this list every year!

Still need to purchase your tickets? You can grab yours here today

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