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Jacob Laws is on the eve of something big. After parting ways with his former employer, CURE Design Group, Laws is taking on the role he’s always dreamed of—the leader of his very own venture, Jacob Laws Interior Design. We spoke with the Laws about the leap, what he’s most excited about, and what’s next for the interior design firm.

Photo of Jacob Laws of Jacob Laws Interior Design

Photo courtesy of Jacob Laws.

ALIVE: What inspired you to go solo and create Jacob Laws Interior Design?

Jacob Laws: I don’t know of any designer who doesn’t dream of ultimately running on their own steam and having complete creative control over their own brand and determining how it’s represented, not only by the projects and the work that goes into every design, but also how it’s managed, down to the smallest detail. I also knew—even when I was still very young—that this is what I wanted to do. I was strongly influenced by my Uncle Phillip who was a designer in New York, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. He had his own firm which, to me, seemed so esteemed. That definitely set me down the creative path that led me to where I am today.

ALIVE: What is the most exciting part of developing a new company?

JL: Honestly, development is lot of boring operational and legal facets that take an inordinate amount of time to just get things moving. But once those (unexciting) things are out of the way, you take a step back and say “wow, I really did this thing that I’ve always wanted to do own my own and it’s something that I’m so proud of.” Well, that and the business cards and letterhead, of course.

ALIVE: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

JL: A lot of people ask me that and it ebbs and flows depending on the project. I do think there are certain aesthetic constants in my design, however. Whatever the project might be, there is a common thread that runs through each one that is consistently me. I like to create a space that is classic with a modern edge and clean-cut with sophisticated style. The juxtaposition of old and new, traditional and contemporary create visual interest and contribute to creating a collected but refined aesthetic. I’m forever inspired by art, travel, fashion, culture and history. They all influence my passion for creating spaces that are stylish with a distinctive point of view. I hope that the spaces I design transcend trends and my goal is to create living environments that work with the dynamics of a contemporary lifestyle.

ALIVE: What has been the biggest challenge branching out on your own?

JL: Knowing when to stop working. There needs to be a balance. I love what I do but I have to impose “time off.”

ALIVE: Is there anything exciting on the agenda that you can share?

JL: Hmm… There’s always something exciting on the agenda. I am just starting a project that will keep me busy for the next couple of years and am also working with two friends of mine on their new house. I love working with friends. You might also be seeing some of my work in a favorite local eatery’s bar area very soon. Other than that, stay tuned.

For more information and to keep up with Jacob’s upcoming projects, visit Jacob Laws Interior Design on the web.

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