5 Questions for Saint Louis Fashion Fund Gala Guest DJ Nicole Rose Stillings

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Nicole Rose Stillings is a Jill of all trades: Actress, model, media promoter, wine connoisseur, and her current gig, DJ. As DJ Rosé, she can regularly be found spinning at events for celebrities from Wyclef Jean to Neil Patrick Harris. She’s also rumored to be part of a group of 20-somethings filming a new reality show in the Big Apple. Stillings grew up in St. Louis and will be returning to her hometown to DJ the Saint Louis Fashion Fund Gala on Oct. 17 at Union Station. We caught up with the fashionista to ask a few questions.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Stillings DJ Rosé

Photo courtesy of Nicole Stillings

 ALIVE: How did you get your start as a DJ?

DJ Rosé: As a teenager in St. Louis, I was always intrigued by music, even hosting high school parties as an excuse to curate new mixes. In the MICDS senior yearbook, I was voted “loudest car system,” among other interesting titles. One day in New York, my father told me I needed to invest in a hobby sans shopping. Throw in a set of turntables, a couple of great coaches and years of practice, and the rest is history. Someone wise once told me if you could make your hobby your business, you would never work a day in your life. If I was half as smart, I would have written down his name so I could thank him.

ALIVE: What do you miss about St. Louis and what do you love about New York?

 DJ Rosé: St. Louis is charming and simple. New York is nonstop and complex—advantages to both but it’s like comparing hip-hop to disco. I love both but it’s all in the timing, baby. 

ALIVE: What’s been the most fabulous event you’ve DJ’d so far?

 DJ Rosé: It’s a toss-up between Jill Zarin’s Annual Ladies Luxury Luncheon and Aston Martin’s 100th Year Anniversary—both in The Hamptons. Jill’s was a blast and Aston Martin was gorgeous—a tie between the crowd and the cars.  Stay tuned for my new Aston Martin mixtape: Rich & Racy.

ALIVE: What would you be doing if you weren’t a DJ?

DJ Rosé: I still possess a strong passion for my favorite fine wine—hence the name DJ Rosé. I hope to eventually launch my own one day with the help of my father who co-founded the St. Louis Food & Wine society. 

ALIVE: What fashion trends do you see in your audiences? How do you decide what to wear to an event?

DJ Rosé: The Hamptons was colorful and the city is now veering back to black. I’m very excited to see all the immaculately dressed St. Louisans who will be attending the Fashion Fund Gala in October!  For me, the clothes should complement the music. I aim to please all the senses. Sexy, chic and (hopefully) sophisticated.

ALIVE Exclusive:Be the first to listen to DJ Rosé’s newest mix for Aston Martin: Rich & Racy.

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