5 Places to Spot Eagles Near St. Louis this Winter

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Winter is the best time of the year to sight-see eagles around the St. Louis area. We’ve compiled a list of our top locations to look out for these beauties as well as many others. So, pick up your binoculars, dress yourself in warm outdoor gear and go search for these majestic birds!

Photo by Kelly Vincent

Photo by Kelly Hamilton

The Audubon Center at Riverlands
301 Riverlands Way; Alton, Ill.
This destination features breathtaking views of the grassy areas surrounding the river. Plus, the Audubon Center provides the perk of being able to talk to conservation and bird-watching professionals about good locations to watch, tips for sighting and more.

Pere Marquette State Park
13112 Visitor Center Lane; Grafton, Ill.
One of the most scenic and forested areas along the rivers is Pere Marquette State Park in Grafton. The park itself features numerous walking trails and many forms of wildlife, but parts of the park are also great for eagle watching. Check out the Bald Eagle Program event taking place on Jan. 15, and make sure to wear warm clothes!

Chain of Rocks Bridge
Chain of Rocks Bridge; St. Louis, Mo.
Go over to the mighty, wide-turning bridge that stretches over the Mississippi River in the winter, and expect to see many forms of birds flying around. Eagles are popular in this area as well, but visitors will probably want to park along the river on one side of the bridge or the other. Don’t miss Eagle Days, taking place on Jan. 18 and 19, when the World Bird Sanctuary folks will host an event and presentation.

Brussels Ferry
Route 100; Brussels, Ill.
Jump on the Brussels Ferry, and watch for eagles from both land and water. The byway between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers is known as one of the best areas for bird sightings of multiple types.

Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower
435 Confluence Tower Drive; Hartford, Ill.
Go up the one-of-a-kind Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower, and look out over the scenic view of the rivers as well as search for eagles. It’s a perfect spot for getting oneself up to where the birds actually fly, and perching until you’ve spotted a few of the majestic creatures. 

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