5 Places To Eat Healthy In STL

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As summer heats up, it’s hard to head into the kitchen to do more than cool down by the fridge. To encourage smart eating while still getting out during July’s #31DaysOfMovement, we’ve put together a list of favorite foodie spots that keep us happy, healthy and full this summer.

Photo courtesy of Tower Grove Farmers Market

Photo courtesy of Tower Grove Farmers Market

Located in Dutchtown, Gooseberries keeps things fresh with their rotating specials of soups, handpies and salads. This summer, stay healthy with with their Purple Power salad containing beets, purple cabbage, blueberries, blue cheese, purple onion and spinach with a lemon poppyseed vinaigrette. Don’t miss their Saturday brunch buffet either, featuring great vegetarian options. 2754 Chippewa St., Dutchtown, 314.577.6363

Tazé Mediterranean Street Food
With a Chipotle-style serving setup, the fast casual eatery is serving up Mediterranean meals you can fully customize. Take things as light as you like—start with a base of greens, add grilled chicken, fresh veggies and top it off with the classic tzatziki sauce—or go a little heavier with a wheat pita. Each Tazé meal comes with a side of protein-packed hummus and a selection of one more fresh Mediterranean staple (hello, baba ghanoush!). It’s an ideal spot for a hot summer night out. 626 Washington Ave. Downtown, 314.254.7953

St. Louis Farmers Markets
Thankfully, our city is full of opportunities to eat healthy—and right from the source—with all the great farmers markets located right in our backyards. Grab some produce and whip up some dishes focusing on the gems of summer—peaches, cherries, corn, summer squash and so many more. Or for the farmers market experience with a little less prep, locals can head out early and snag a light crepe from Holy Crepe! at Tower Grove Farmers Market or quick snack at Refection Bakery at Midtown Farmers Market, among many more options. Various locations

Revel Kitchen
Revel Kitchen has gone through a few big changes this year—a name change, the launch of their food truck—but the kitchen’s dedication to healthy food has remained the same. We love heading down Cherokee Street for their smoothies, kombucha on tap and incredible, healthy prepared meals. When we’re low on energy, you know we’re reaching for their protein-packed caulichada, filled with braised beef and topped with a fried egg, avocado and bacon. 2837 Cherokee St., Cherokee Street, 314.932.5566

Lulu’s Local Eatery
A staple on healthy-eating lists around the city, Lulu’s is a sure bet for ensuring you have a balanced, beautiful meal. A vegan/vegetarian eatery, you’ll find you won’t miss the meat with the bold and fresh flavors presented in the sweet potato falafel, the buffalo blue burger and the jackfruit banh mi. If you’re craving something a little sweet to end your meal, the healthy cookies won’t derail your day (plus they’re delicious). 3201 S Grand Blvd. Tower Grove South, 314,300.8215

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