5 Must-Have Winter Accessories

 In Style

As the temperatures drop, our need for stylish cold weather gear grows. Here are five must-haves that are sure to keep you both warm and cozy, all while looking fierce—even when you can’t feel your toes.

Winter Accessories

1/ A poncho is the perfect topper for all of your winter gear.

2/ A boxy carry-all is necessary when you are constantly adding and removing layers and brick red or tan are great color options that will take you from season to season.

3/ Statement belts are the perfect way to cinch in those baggy sweaters or ponchos and add a pulled together punch to even the most simple looks.

4/ No need to hide away those skirts and dresses until spring if you snag a pair of Merino wool tights. Trust me, by the dead of winter when everything is looking quite dull, you will be happy to have the option of busting out some of your favorite spring pieces a little early and winterizing them with layers.

5/ This may be a given, but a great felt or wool hat really does wonders to both pump up a look and keep you toasty. Instead of basic black, try a rich navy or a cool tan or taupe.

Need an alternative to boots this winter? Upgrade your look with the loafer.

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