5 Minutes with Saks Fifth Avenue’s New GM Kert Rosenkoetter

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In the world of Saks Fifth Avenue, it’s not often that a position like Vice President/General Manager of the store opens up. The recent departure of former General Manager Doug Moss from the St. Louis Saks left an opening that only someone like Kert Rosenkoetter could fill.

Rosenkoetter has a rich history with Saks that spans nearly three decades. He’s also no stranger to our fair city, having been born and raised in St. Louis. We had the pleasure of speaking with Rosenkoetter about his vision for Saks Fifth Avenue and what he looks forward to seeing in his “new” old city.

ALIVE: You have a long and successful history with Saks Fifth Avenue. What has kept you so engaged with the luxury retailer?

Kert Rosenkoetter: Saks, aside from being an excellent company to work for, is a company that is poised for the future. They are constantly working to create concepts for the coming years.

ALIVE: Saks Fifth Avenue St. Louis has gone through a major transformation over the last year with some exciting new additions; what can we look forward to seeing from our local Saks in the near future?

KR: Our merchant teams have ebbed the challenge to giving new designers more opportunity. We are constantly adding new, young designers to our test market stores—and more often than not, the response is overwhelming. We can certainly look forward to seeing more and more new designers in our St. Louis store over time.

ALIVE: As e-commerce sites gain popularity, what are retailers like Saks doing to keep customers in stores shopping?

KR: The popularity of e-commerce has really created an omni-channel opportunity for us to create a pipeline to satisfy our customer base. Customers can shop in-store with their sales associate via iPad, giving them access to inventory beyond what is available to them in their local store. As a result of this addition, we are seeing bigger buys from our loyal customers; it is a universal opportunity for the customer and Saks.

ALIVE: What style advice you can share with the men of St. Louis?

KR: Don’t be afraid to try new things. Express yourself, incorporate color where it’s unexpected or choose a bow tie in place of your standard tie. Always pay attention to detail and create your own personal style.

ALIVE: Now that you’re back in St. Louis, what new restaurant are you most excited to try?

KR: All of them! I am an avid fan of Brio, (conveniently located in the Frontenac parking lot), so I look forward to exploring my old stomping grounds. So many wonderful things have been added to the city since I left, and I look forward to re-exploring my hometown.

Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

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