5 Inspiring Nashville Creatives We Met In 2017

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The electricity of Nashville‘s creative community is one that inspires. 2017 has brought a number of artists our way who are working to build Nashville’s community, working in fashion, architecture, design and more.

To Build A City: A Nashville Architect And His Quest

Manuel Zeitlin, Issue 2

Manuel Zeitlin nashville architect the gulch alive magazine st louis

Intentionally Simple: Elise Joseph’s New Concept Collection

Elise Joseph, Issue 3

art fashion nashville elise joseph pennyweight alive magazine st louis

In Color: A Collaboration With Ona Rex And Portmanteau Jewelry In Nashville

Ona Rex and Portmanteau Jewelry, Issue 5

nashville fashion ona rex portmanteau jewelry high fashion alive magazine st louis

To Become: The Self-Actualization Of Nashville Jewelry Designer Blaque Reily

Blaque Reily, Issue 6

best nashville fine jewelry handmade Portmanteau Jewelry Collection alive magazine st louis

Sarah Gavigan: The Bold Career Shift Of Nashville-Based Chef And Restaurateur

Sarah Gavigan, Issue 6

best restaurants nashville little octopus otaku ramen sarah gavigan restaurateur alive magazine st louis


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