5 Health + Fitness Apps You Should Be Using

By Rachel Brandt
In Culture

The success of your health and fitness journey lies now, literally, at your fingertips. With the innovative technology companies are making readily available, it’s easier than ever to track your progress. But, it can be difficult to wade through the app store and choose the tools that you will truly use. That’s where we come in.


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We have dug into the scores of apps available and brought you four health and fitness apps we could all benefit from this month, and one that’s maybe just for fun.

My Fitness Pal
Over 50 million people have downloaded this free, calorie counting app. In the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, a recent study found that, “…mobile food journals and questionnaires are effective self-report measurement tools,” and aid in weight loss and measuring progress. My Fitness Pal tracks progress in weight loss, calorie counting and measures exercise.

This guided meditation app, a favorite of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, is also a staple around the ALIVE office. Yesterday, Headspace announced the launch of their newest version, just in time for #31DaysOfMovement. You can find more information about Headspace and how to get your “om,” on in our July, “Live Better,” feature.

C25K Free
If you’re new to running, jumping on the couch-to-5k running craze might be right up your alley. There are several apps like C25K to choose from but this one is nice because it’s free. This automated, eight-week running plan is designed to go on your run with you. It allows you to listen to music on your phone and then cuts through to tell you when to start running and when to stop. All workouts are 30-40 minutes long. Start with a two-minute run and gradually work your way up to a 30-minute 5K.

Charity Miles 
We believe that charitable giving, big and small, should be important to everyone. That’s why we love this app. Charity Miles allows the user to earn money for good causes while you bike, walk and run. For every mile you log, a corporate sponsor gives to the organization of your choice.

Zombies, Run! 3
This just-for-fun running app has attracted over 800,000 users. We love the idea of a fitness game and Zombies, Run! gives us just that. When you turn on the, “Zombie Chase,” feature you are forced to out-run hoards of zombies with random sprinting sessions. Users can also become a part of their online social media community and utilize the online syncing feature to track your workouts.

 Join the conversation online. Let us know how you’re participating in #31DaysOfMovement using the hashtag on all social media. 

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