5 Health And Fitness Apps You Need Now

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Tracking your health and fitness has never been easier and it’s all thanks to that little phone in your hand. The only trouble now is just how many health and nutrition tracking apps there are. Wondering which ones to choose? That’s where we come in.


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We have tried and tested multiple apps to bring you five health and fitness downloads we think give you that extra bit of fitness motivation.

My Fitness Pal
An old favorite at ALIVE, this free, calorie-counting app is hard to beat. My Fitness Pal takes your height, weight, lifestyle and goal weight into consideration before giving you recommendations. Breaking down your ultimate goal into smaller, obtainable goals is the reason My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular health and fitness apps out there.

If you have ever wanted a Facebook timeline dedicated only to fitness, Cody is the app you need. We love it because you are connected to a wonderful health and fitness community where you can post, like and share workouts to fellow friends and followers. Cody also allows people to track their progress on a timeline while friends can motivate you by commenting on daily workouts. So for those fitness gurus videotaping yourself at the gym, Cody is the app for you.

Carrot Fit
An app for those fitness buffs who are not afraid of a judgmental weight tracker, Carrot Fit uses sarcastic smack talk to motivate users looking to shed a few extra pounds. With biting comments and harsh criticism, users must drop a pound or two to learn about new workout tips.

For those who want to eat healthy but are on a budget, Zipongo is the perfect app to keep your wallet in check. With alerts of digital coupons and weekly in-store items that are on sale, Zipongo helps keep your diet as healthy (and cheap!) as possible.

Superhero Workout
From the same team that brought us one of our favorite fitness apps of last year, Zombies, Run!, Superhero Workout is a great app for motivating you to do a full-body workout while you protect Earth against alien invaders. In order to save the world, you must complete a series of exercises to activate shields, weapons and other incredibly cool abilities. The best part about the workout? It has a camera-activated motion tracker, which counts your reps and measures the amount of calories you burn.


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