5 Food Stations Your Wedding Guests Will Love

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Want to make your wedding a bit more unique than the typical party? Food stations are the way to go. Add a little salt, sweet, cheese and every flavor in between to make your wedding the one everyone can’t stop talking about.


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1/ Popcorn Bar
Popcorn bars are popping (ha!) up all over weddings nowadays and with good reason—it’s tasty and cute! Try fun flavors like Oreo, or Sriracha and don’t forget the seasoning.

2/ Cheese Station
Your guests will love this twist on the classic cheese plate. We recommend a variety of cheeses—especially Brie, everyone loves a Brie—It’ll be something your friends won’t stop talking about. We wouldn’t, at least. We love cheese. Invite us to your wedding.

3/ Mac and Cheese Station
Staying in the cheese genre, you can’t go wrong with a mac and cheese station. This crowd-pleasing dish is bound to be a hit at your wedding. All you need is a large bowl of mac and cheese, a variety of toppings and your guests (ahem, we) will be ecstatic.

4/ Taco Bar
Would you like to know one of the greatest joys in life? Of course you do! It’s tacos. Set up a table with all the ingredients for a hard or soft shell taco station and watch your friends and family fight over the toppings.

5/ Cookies and Milk
There is little in life that makes us happier than when we are tucking into a nice box of cookies with a large glass of milk, so why not have that as a treat at your wedding? Remember, it’s all about what makes your guests happy and cookies and milk will make us very happy indeed.

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