5 Fall Pieces We Love From Hackwith Design House

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The introduction to maker Lisa Hackwith of Hackwith Design House in the latest issue of ALIVE has inspired us to take a closer look at what we buy—thanks to a movement that puts American-made top of mind for progressive and ethically conscious consumers. In addition to supporting the artisans directly, buying small is a great way to feel good about the clothes you wear. Here are five pieces from ALIVE’s featured brand, Hackwith Design House that we can’t wait to get our hands on for fall.

1/ Oversized Coat: The silhouette of the season, made by a Midwest maker? Yes, please.



2/ Wrap Skirt: The perfectly done, undone, wear-with-anything staple.



3/ Knox Dress: The layering piece that you never knew you needed.



4/ Button-up Jumper: Throw it on for instant chic … even when you are just running errands.



5. Tie-Back Top: Because you want to be sure their eyes are still on you even when you are walking away.

All photos courtesy of Hackwith Design House.

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