5 Easy Ways To Give Your Work Desk An Update

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Whether your work space is small, large or shared, keeping your personal area organized and motivational is a great way to keep you focused. Here are five easy tips to give your desk an update.

roar collaborative work space in Webster Groves. Photo by Megan Magray.

roar collaborative work space in Webster Groves. Photo by Megan Magray.

1/ Remove clutter. This may seem obvious, but all of us get busy and that often leaves things to pile up. Take the time to go through your desk once a week (maybe 30 minutes before you leave on Friday, perhaps?) and remove anything that you aren’t using on a regular basis. Even decorative items can sometimes be overwhelming—keep things simple and only hold onto what inspires you visually.

2/ Use books to create different levels of storage. Books can add color and vibrancy to a dull desk space, making the area seem more homey overall while creating levels that can be used for creative storage options—like wooden spice bowls for small organizational items, and one large decorative mug to store all your writing utensils.

3/ Control cords. Keep your cords and chargers organized by using plastic covered wire tabs or binder clips to deal with the excess, while utilizing a small decorative tray as a “charging station” to keep all electronics in their place.

4/ Tray up necessities—and only necessities. Plastic or bamboo trays can keep all of your personal items within arms’ reach. Keep the following things handy: chapstick, pain reliever, face mist, a few tea bags and Emergen-C for days when you aren’t feeling up to par.

5/ Use a small bulletin board to keep inspiring visuals, mood board items or written keepsakes organized. Note cards, tear sheets and more can keep you inspired in your day-to-day.

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