5 Documentaries To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

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The weekend has finally arrived! If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to throw on your softest pajamas, get a massive bowl of popcorn and begin a much-needed Netflix binge. As beautiful as this streaming device is, Netflix can be overwhelming. From starting a new series, rewatching an old one or choosing a movie from the many, your options are endless–but that’s not always a good thing.

To help you quickly and effortlessly begin your weekend of Netflix, we’ve thrown together a list of five documentaries that will keep you from restarting “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Friends” for the hundredth time.


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1/ “Iris”
It only seems fitting to have this at the top of the list as all the many STLFW events have recently ended and we got to spend the day with the star of the documentary, Iris Apfel. It’s as wonderful as she is and a great story to honor the fashion icon. Plus, you’ll get an even closer look at her stunning wardrobe and goal-worthy relationship with her husband.

2/ “Rich Hill”
If you loved “Boyhood,” you’ll love this. Following three young boys from a small town in Rich Hill, Missouri, you’ll get a glimpse of life just 290 miles from St. Louis. The documentary is honest, moving and will get you thinking.

3/ “Somm”
Grab a bottle of your favorite wine and sip along with this fascinating story of four subjects preparing for the Master Sommelier Exam. Spoiler: you’ll realize just how much information there is to know about wine and you’ll never be the same.

4/ “Twinsters”
It’s the “Parent Trap” of the Internet Age. Watch as co-director Samantha Futerman goes on a journey to meet her identical twin sister after discovering her on Facebook and YouTube. Her journey is phenomenal and will leave you feeling very sentimental. At this point in the list, we recommend refilling the popcorn.

5/ “Maidentrip”
Although subtitles are necessary, this story is unreal. As in, “holy cow, why couldn’t we be this cool at 14?” Avoid all spoilers and summaries because you just have to see the crazy turn of events as Laura Dekker pursues her dream of becoming the youngest person to ever successfully sail around the world.

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