5 Civic Leaders Take The Spotlight For 'Do Good' November

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There is a distinct feeling in the air that St. Louis is on the edge of something great—and that it is moving toward that something with increasing momentum. Right now, we have strong creative and entrepreneurial cultures; our dining scene is innovative and thriving; the arts are rich and accessible; the living is affordable and good. But there are important gaps that remain: issues of public transit, city and county fragmentation, decayed neighborhoods and immigrants and refugees facing challenges integrating into the community.

Rev. Starsky Wilson and Rich McClure, Co-chairs

Rev. Starsky Wilson and Rich McClure, Co-chairs

And last year, the violence in Ferguson brought to the fore tensions that had gone unaddressed for far too long. In keeping with this month’s “Do Good” theme, we take a look inside a handful of local organizations that are addressing these gaps with compelling solutions that have the greater good of STL in mind.

Check out what the following organizations are doing for St. Louis:

Ferguson Commission

Better Together

International Institute of St. Louis

Citizens For Modern Transit

Rise Community Development


This story was featured in the November 2015 issue. 

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