4 Restaurants For Clean Eating In St. Louis

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#31DaysOfMovement is coming to a close this week. But, that doesn’t mean a dedication to a healthier lifestyle should also end. If you, along with ALIVE, turned over a new leaf this month, continue on this healthy ride, by joining us here every day on Be Well STL.

Whether you’re a transplant or you’ve lived in St. Louis your whole life, you’ve probably noticed the impressive selection of delicious eateries we have. Today, we’re bringing you four of our favorite restaurants in St. Louis for eating clean.

Photo from Lulu's by ALIVE

Photo from Lulu’s by ALIVE

1/ Lulu’s Local Eatery
 When you grab a copy of our August issue, flip to our Hot Eats feature and get the scoop on Lulu’s. You can also read about one of our favorite food-trucks-gone-brick-and-mortar online. Lulu’s new location on South Grand is our new favorite place to stop for healthy eats.

2/ Nathalie’s 
Nathalie’s fine dining in the Central West End takes farm-to-table fare to a whole new level. Their dedication to the support of local farming and whole, nutritious food is inspiring. Enter this restaurant, have a seat in their richly decorated, homey atmosphere, and order from their curated menu of dishes prepared with ingredients brought directly from their farm in Clarksville, Missouri.

3/ PuraVegan Cafe 
This cafe, located between The Loop and the Central West End, brings St. Louis raw and cooked health food, that is 100 percent gluten-free and low in salt and oils. Get your vegan fix, take a nutrition class or participate in donation-driven yoga.

4/ Athlete Eats  
Located just blocks away from the ALIVE office, Athlete Eats has become a favorite of our staff. This healthy hub on Cherokee is proof that nutritious food can be delicious and easily accessible.

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