4 Reasons To Keep Your Summer Clothes In The Closet This Fall

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It’s finally happened: fall is officially here. Bring on the bonfires, candy, pumpkins, apple picking, hayrides and Halloween. We used to think that fall’s cooler temperatures meant that we had to put our summer clothes into storage for the next six months, only wearing our ‘winter clothes.’ Now, though, we’re ridding ourselves of that kind of fashion constraints. Here’s why:

1/ Living in the Midwest, not every winter or fall day will be cold. The weather fluctuates quite a bit, so it’s good to leave our clothing options open in case it’s not as cold as expected.

2/ Summer’s light colors and vibrant patterns pair well with fall’s neutral pants and sweaters, creating more interesting outfits by combining both seasons’ clothes.

3/ Rummaging through our summer clothing bins slowed down our morning routine; enlisting clothes from both seasons means that there are more options right at our fingertips.

4/ Layering adds character to an outfit; together, winter and summer pieces build the perfect ensemble.

Featured photo by Artificial Photography.

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