4 Delicious Reasons To Consider Brunswick Zone XL In St. Peters For Last-Minute Holiday Parties

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Planning a last-minute party doesn’t have to put you into panic mode—especially when you’ve got a kickin’ scene and the perfect eats for your event. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the party gurus at Brunswick Zone XL St. Peters (home of blacklight bowling, laser tag battles and awesome arcade adventures) to show off a brand-new lineup of inventive menu items that taste as magnificent as they look. The Behemoth Burger, Pizza Cake, Coney Mega Dog and S’mores Skillet are the fab four that make every Zone XL celebration deliciously memorable. Just add these cutting-edge culinary bad boys to your party menu, snap a few pics, and get ready to rack up some serious Instagram likes.


1/ The Behemoth Burger
All hail the five pounds of this mighty, monstrous, party burger. The Behemoth is a tasty beast—coming in at 14-inches-wide and fully loaded with the works. The perfect addition to every epic party, the Behemoth Burger is a jaw-dropper that will leave your friends both satisfied. Order one of for your event, cut it like a cake and make sure you have plenty of friends around to help you tackle every bite.


2/ The Pizza Cake
We kid you not—this is an actual thing. Pizza. Cake. The Pizza Cake at Brunswick Zone XL St. Peters goes beyond seriously snack-worthy and enters the realm of delicious. Freshly prepared with mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni and meatballs, it’s party-ready and baked to perfection.


3/ The Coney Mega Dog
Even the cutest, most adorable wiener dog doesn’t compare to this grand canine—a two-foot-long hot dog that’s covered in Coney sauce and topped with chopped onions and mustard. Order one to share or order a couple and give these great dogs a good home (your stomach will do just fine).


4/ The S’mores Skillet
The S’mores Skillet at Brunswick Zone XL St. Peters takes this classic campfire treat and amps it up with an array of jumbo marshmallows that are covered in a caramel drizzle and surrounded by a wall of graham crackers—all atop of rich bed of milk chocolate. This reincarnation of your favorite childhood snack is as messy as ever, but with a knife and fork, it’s easier to eat. Add this signature dish to your menu playlist and reminisce about the good ol’ days while you roll, party and play.

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