4 Chicago Juice Bars To Try Right Now

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Fresh-squeezed and cold-pressed juices have risen to the top of the in-vogue beverage pyramid. The next time you’re in Chicago, don’t miss these juice spots that will deliver big flavors and nutrients―perfect for after a local yoga or spin class

4 Chicago Juice Bars To Start Your 2018 RIght, Infiniteus Juice, Alive Magazine St. Louis

Photo credit: Infiniteus Juice

Infiniteus Rocks & Juice: Part juice bar, part metaphysical boutique, Infiniteus Rocks & Juice is one of a kind in its juice and product offerings. Stop by this East Wicker Park neighborhood haunt for fresh juices, with delicious menu offerings like the Carrot Coconut (carrot juice, carrot meat, coconut water) and the colorful Helena juice (purple cabbage, apple, lemon, basil). Looking for a major reset? Try an Infiniteus juice cleanse, which will provide your body with all of the immune system-boosting and vitamins that it needs for the duration of the cleanse.

The Protein Bar: Look to The Protein Bar‘s 13 local locations for filling eats and clean drinks, including an array of fresh-pressed juices that will boost your energy level and pack a flavorful punch.  For a juice on the lighter side, check out the Hi-5 (kale, spinach, cilantro, pineapple), and for a full-on meal in a glass, grab a taste of the Health Nut juice-and-smoothie fusion (kale, spinach, green apple, banana, organic peanut butter, organic agave nectar and almond milk).

4 Chicago Juice Bars to Start Your 2018 Right , City Press Juice & Bottle, Alive Magazine St. Louis

City Press Juice, Photo credit: City Press Juice

City Press Juice & Bottle: Located near the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago’s City Press Juice & Bottle is an organic health bar and market that serves up a rotation of unique, small-batch juices. This juice bar’s menu selection is one of the most expansive in the city, with many juices touting tongue-in-cheek names similar to classic cocktails like the Bloody Merry (beet, carrot, burdock root, cucumber, lemon) and the invigorating French 77 (cucumber, celery, pear, cayenne). If you’re in the mood for a taste of something healthy outside of juices, check out the wheat-grass shots or restorative Benjamin Tea.

Chicago Raw: Located just outside of Lincoln Park, Chicago Raw prides itself on serving up raw and vegan food to the heart of Chicago. Stop in for a healthy meal of Garden Burgers and Fresh Spinach Lasagna, and polish off your meal with one of the eatery’s signature juices: the Signature Green Juice (collard greens, kale, parsley, lemon, celery, ginger, granny smith apple) or the Crimson Love Juice (red cabbage, pear, lemon, ginger) are winners with many.

Cover image photo credit: Alison Marras

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