#31DaysofMovement: Top Three Places Around Town to Get Your Fortune Told

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Everyone is curious about what the future holds, and for some, the spirituality associated with fortune-telling is a vital part of health and wellness. That’s why for today’s #31DaysofMovement, we’ve brought you three of the best places to get a peek into what could be around the corner in your life.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, Kelly Hunter

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, Kelly Hunter

1/ The Fortune Teller Bar: This haunt not only boasts a full bar and a great menu, but its deliciously eerie (but hip) atmosphere will set the mood for what lies in store. See what the fates have in mind for you when you have your tarot cards read by a psychic. Where else can you enjoy a drink and get a glimpse into the future? 2635 Cherokee St., Cherokee, 314.776.2337

2/ Gina Rossi Flourish: If you’re searching for something or someone that can lead you toward a better, more balanced life, look no further than Gina Rossi. Her readings are as highly recommended as they come. This wonder woman also incorporates her angel readings into feng shui, assisting her clients in creating spaces that help them harmonize with the universe around them. For more information, visit flourishfengshui.com/author/gina.

3/ Readings By Nancy: One of the top psychics in St. Louis, this psychic medium is skilled in reading tarot cards and using spirit to learn about the past, present and future of her clients. Her reputation in St. Louis is unmatched, with high-quality readings and unparalleled customer satisfaction. For more information, visit readingsbynancyferanec.com.

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