3 Ways To Wear A Bomber Jacket

 In Style

The hottest, and perhaps most accessible, trend on the recent runways was the bomber, ringing in as the most prevalent jacket style for 2016. This versatile piece is most likely already in your closet, pairing perfectly with looks ranging from a day in the office to a night on the town.

1/ At Work: An embellished bomber is a great alternative to a blazer, and just as sleek and pulled together when paired with a great trouser, blouse, heel combo.

Bomber: At Work


2/ Night Out: For times like these when the chill creeps in at night, a bomber is the perfect way to add a sporty touch to a night-out look.

Bomber: Night Out

3/ Cool and Casual: For a day spent running around with friends, add the perfect combination of layers to remain cool and comfortable.

Bomber: Casual
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