3 Ways To Add A Stylish Twist To Traditional Business Attire

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Having a job that requires business attire leaves most people at a bit of a loss when trying to switch things up in their workwear. Sure, I understand that there are work environments that are more strict as far as business attire, but “business attire” doesn’t always mean you have to wear a suit or slacks and a button-up.

Office norms tend to be created based on what the majority of people wear—but you, my dear, are not a majority. You are an individual who is not afraid to express a style that is most definitely more work appropriate than something traditional and boring: Fashion is always work appropriate. Need some ideas? Here are three ways to easily add a bit more style to your workwear while still staying true to that old “business attire” mandate:

1/ A Great Vintage Dress: Take a cue from the days of “Mad Men” when everyone in the office dressed like they gave a you-know-what. A vintage silhouette is classic, stylish and an appropriate way to make a memorable statement when you have a meeting with your superiors.

Vintage Dress

2/ Long Vest: A great alternative to a blazer that is equally as, if not more, versatile is a long vest. Worn in place of a traditional suit coat, over a dress, wrapped closed or worn open, it’s an easy way to create outfits that can upgrade your look.


Office: long Vest

3/ A Tie-Neck Blouse: Perfect with trousers, blazers, vests, skirts or gauchos, a tie-neck blouse is another easy way to take a detour from the office-wear tradition by adding an on-trend touch.

Tie Blouse

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