3 Tips For Cutting Up Your Clothes

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“I really love that top!”

“Thanks, I cut it up myself!”

Although this happens to me more frequently than it should, cutting up pieces of clothing that you have worn to death or are just plain sick of is a great way to breathe a second life into something before throwing—or giving it—away, or buying something new unnecessarily. For those who think they don’t have the “skills” needed to do this, I promise you it’s easy! Here are a few tips on how to cut something up and create something “new.”

Photo courtesy of cometrend.com

Photo courtesy of cometrend.com

1/ Choose something you won’t be upset if you mess up. Although most customizations are super easy, you may want to start with something you really don’t care much about before taking the scissors to your favorite vintage tee for example. Start small. Try cropping a tee you never wear (even something in a simple, solid color) so it pairs perfectly with your favorite high-waisted trousers and a neck scarf for work.

2/ Fraying is A-OK. A lot of the time, people don’t think of the option to shorten or cut something because they don’t want to have to hem it. Well luckily, fashion today is far more “undone” than it used to be.

Letting it fray is often the best feature of the new look: Button-ups, denim and even sweaters look great trimmed-up to offer a bit of stylish fraying. My favorite winter sweater customization trick is to cut the bottom off of a longer sweater (anything but a textured knit works well for this) and “un-knit” or fray the bottom to create some fringe. Certain sweaters may leave behind some bits and pieces though, so taking a machine and sewing a single row stitch over the bottom will prevent that from happening.

3/ Don’t forget about bottoms. One of the most prevalent street style trends is clothing that looks a bit destroyed and undone. An easy way to get your clothing to resemble the latest designer duds is to cut off the bottom of slacks, jeans, a skirt or a dress to create a free hem look that has been scene on fashionistas from all over the globe. A trick to cutting in a straight line is to use a yard stick and fabric chalk to draw a line to follow with your scissors.

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