3 Things People Get Wrong About Astrology

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If you’ve tended to shy away from astrology, perhaps it’s because you’ve heard one of these three beliefs.

Photo by Michael Hull.

Photo by Michael Hull.

1/ Rational people should reject astrology as invalid.
Yes, many scientific types don’t accept astrology. That’s quite understandable since astrology seems to contradict a number of beliefs still treasured by more traditional-minded scientists. But modern physicists are actually revealing scientific principles that support astrology. Did you know that thousands of psychologists, therapists, medical doctors and life coaches are using astrology, often privately, to understand their clients and themselves? Many of the best astrologers began as skeptics. That’s how I started. I was in advanced science classes, getting college credits in high school, and tutoring math in college. I thought astrology was silly. Now, a good chunk of my clients around the world are academic and medical professionals.

2/ The Bible condemns astrology.
Nothing could be further from the truth. This became a pet subject for me because I come from a very religious family. My father and grandfather were ministers. So, I had to come to terms with what my family and some churches were telling me about astrology. When I actually read what the bible has to say about it, I was relieved to find that all the “condemning” scriptures quoted were not even about astrology. And then I was delighted to find that astrology is very much honored in the Bible. In fact, astrology permeates the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations. However, without an understanding of astrological language and principles, most references are hidden. It was later in history, long after the Bible was written, that some in the church condemned astrology. Yet, by the time of the Enlightenment period, astrology was a required study in universities and embraced by religious peoples again.

3/ Astrology Denies Our Free Will
This is a common misunderstanding, due to historical misuse by many to predict fortunes, curses and events. This is why some religious people came to condemn it. Most modern astrologers don’t try to predict fortunes. Instead, we know astrology to be a rich source of insight into the always-changing, cyclical complexities of the world and how that relates to us collectively and individually. Like meteorology, astrology does not remove anyone’s choices. Rather, it predicts trends, within which we each get to choose how to respond. If it’s going to rain, how do I choose to dress? Maybe an umbrella? Maybe not. In the historical past, when people’s choices were very limited, one could fairly guess the choices they would make. However, given the vast complexity of choices available to modern humans, especially those who have awakened to higher consciousness, predicting choices is a foolish business. Today’s professional astrologer prefers to help clients understand the contexts for their choices, so as to make better ones.

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Image courtesy of Barry Kerr.

Barry Kerr is a soul-based, evolutionary astrologer and life coach, with 35 years of experience and an international clientele. He and his wife, Kristine Gay, a licensed therapist, are owners and practitioners at Choose Conscious Living in Madison, Wisconsin. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. They offer healing, coaching, therapy and astrology services. Barry offers astrology readings, coaching and healing by phone or Skype. Want more information? Contact Barry at Barry@ChooseConsciousLiving.com.

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