3 Summer Hair Tips From Dominic Michael Salon

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With the summer setting in, the time for a new ‘do is here. Whether you’re looking to chop off a couple of inches to frame your face in a different way, or change up your hair color, Dominic Michael Salon has some tips for you. This week, we teamed up with award-winning salon to bring you three things you should know when it comes to summer hair.

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1/ When it comes to hair in the summer, easy maintenance is typically the way to go. Who wants to go to the hair stylist every four weeks instead of hitting the beach or going on a long road trip? Ask your stylist to give you a varied or a diffused color application, says Dominic Bertani. That way you won’t need to touch up the color as often, giving you more time to enjoy the summer.

2/ Hair color is a great way to define and enhance your facial features. If you’re wanting to highlight certain areas of your face, like your eyes or mouth, lighter strands of hair will draw in a viewer’s eyes to those areas. When you’re wanting to minimize certain aspects of your face, Bertani suggests darker strands or panels to “set back” the features.

3/ The hottest summer color trend at the moment is also the best for upkeep. Balayage is perhaps the most preferred way to add brightness and depth to your face and the best part? “It offers a big bang for your buck as maintenance is generally a two to three month schedule,” Bertani explains.

Looking to change up your style for the summer? Request a consultation at Dominic Micheal in Ladue or Chesterfield. 

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