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Australian hard-rock trio, Sick Puppies, returns to St. Louis tonight to share The Pageant stage with Three Days Grace. This career band is constantly touring and their loyal STL fan base has seen them in town many times. But, if you haven’t heard of them, you’ve probably seen their “Free Hugs” Youtube video that has over 75 million views. We caught up with Sick Puppies front man, Shimon Moore, for a quick three questions.

Image courtesy of Sick Puppies

Image courtesy of Sick Puppies

 ALIVE: Where are you right now?

Shimon Moore: Right at this moment we are in Hollywood, California. Unfortunately, we can’t always be playing for you great people in St. Louis. I’m sitting in a hotel room with my wife, working on some new songs.

ALIVE: How did Sick Puppies start?

Moore: I met Emma (Emma Anzai, bass player) in high school when I was about 15 or 16. I walked into our music room at school and sat down at the drums and Emma walked in behind me. I told her I had booked the room and she said she had, and neither of us would leave. So, we talked for a while and found a mutual appreciation for this Australian band, Silverchair. We started playing their songs together and within a week we had started Sick Puppies.

ALIVE: What were some of your first major influences as a band?

Moore: Definitely Green Day and Rage Against The Machine. I also have always loved Brandon Boyd’s voice. So he’s been a big influence for me.


Image courtesy of Sick Puppies

Image courtesy of Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies rock the stage tonight at The Pageant playing songs from their new album, “Connect.” Tickets are available. Find more information on their website. Show time starts at 8pm.

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