3 Outfit Ideas For SLAM Modern

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When it comes to picking out an outfit to wear for SLAM Modern, Saint Louis Art Museum’s Mid-Century themed fundraiser, one need not look much further than the featured exhibit itself. From significant architectural contributions and furniture to public sculpture and art, the chronological setup literally takes you back in time to one of the most inspiring eras in St. Louis history. SLAM Modern will be the perfect place to sport that vintage dress that’s been hiding in the back of your closet; snag something new that mimics the clean lines of the furniture of the era; or wear something that evokes the carefree spirit that was emerging in the early ’60s—regardless, you’re right on queue.


SLAM Modern 2

1/ It is around the holidays after all, so a red dress with clean, architectural lines is a great way to combine that spirit with the midcentury vibe.
Suggested stores to shop similar look:
La Ville, Lusso, Byrd Designer Consignment

2/ Keep it simple and minimal with an LBD (with a statement detail), sassy heels and a beret, because you are a gal who knows how to have some fun.
Suggested stores to shop similar look: Vie, Ivy Hill, The Vault by WCE

3/ A ’50s-inspired silhouette updated in gold looks fresh and modern when styled with a neutral bootie and equally fabulous handbag.
Suggested stores to shop similar look: Retro 101/Cherry Bomb Vintage, Epiphany Boutique, Parsimonia

Still need to snag your tickets? Visit their event page for more details.

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