3 Non-Basic Ways To Wear A Sweater Dress This Winter

By Sarah Stallmann
In Style

The sweater dress may have some fashionistas running for the hills for fear that a pair of leggings and Ugg boots automatically go right along with it. But for those who have stood by the trend throughout many, many cold winters, let’s give this winter-wear staple a bit of an update in the styling department.

1/ Go pastel. Instead of trying to pair light shades with harsh black, play up the pastels for a fresh take that’s perfect for the office. Also, simply subbing leggings for trousers and a pump instantly takes your sweater dress into chic territory.

Pastel fashion, top shop, trousers, pumps

2/ Camp Chic.
Super-skinny destroyed denim paired with heeled “hiking” booties and an anorak makes for the perfect wintery day look.

Outdoorsy sweater dress styling, booties, anorak

3/ New Bohemian:
Layer a v-neck sweater dress with a slim cut turtleneck, bell-bottoms, a Penny Lane coat and finish off the look with a neck-scarf to channel your inner ’70s goddess.

70s sweater dress styling, bell-bottoms, booties, neck scarf
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